Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy Amherst,NY

Since 1969, Mike's Homemade Candies has carried on the Buffalo tradition of crafting delicate and decadent sponge candy. Our Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy is an  airy, interwoven toffee structure that is surrounded by creamy, rich dark chocolate, with it's crunchy center creating a satisfying combination of textures. At Mike's, we only source the highest quality of chocolate, elevating our sponge candy with the perfect balance of richness for our customers. 

Sponge Candy for Delivery

Sponge candy remains one of the most popular confections that we ship to customers in Amherst. If you have never tried sponge candy before, or would like to send a special treat as a gift for someone, we will be happy to package a selection of sponge candy to your liking. We offer several types of sponge candies, featuring dark chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry, orange and peanut butter varieties. Get your Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy today by placing an order below or simply view more of our chocolates and candies here on our website. 

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