Order Sponge Candy in West Seneca, NY

Are you in the West Seneca, NY or Western New York area looking to order high-quality sponge candy? Look no further than Mike's Homemade Candies for all of you sponge candy and chocolate needs. We have many different types of sponge candy to order as well as chocolates and much more. 


Get Sponge Candy Delivered 

Who doesn't love the taste of decadent sponge candy? We specialize in shipping great treats like this to customers all over. If you've never tried it before or want something special for someone else as a gift- we have what they need! We offer several types of sponge candies, featuring dark chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry, orange and peanut butter varieties. Place an order below or view more of our chocolates and candies in the rest of our website. 


What Is Sponge Candy? 

Sponge candy has many name such as, honeycomb toffee, honeycomb candy, sponge toffee, cinder toffee or seafoam. The main ingerdients are baking soda and brown sugarm which are used to create the unique texture. Once it is covered in chocolate, it is ready to be eaten by the chocolate lovers you know! 

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